Saturday, February 10, 2007

New Zealand Photos - From a Different Point of View

Thought you might enjoy some photos I took in New Zealand. I like a different point of view than the standard landscape. Keep in mind that these a copyright protected and not to be lifted from the site. Just enjoy them.
Bonnie Lyn McCaffery - VidCasts, PodCasts, and more
Plant Life

From Way Down Below ©BLMc

Oh the Fascinating Flowers ©BLMc

Up Close ©BLMc

And the Fern Life ©BLMc
Going with the Flow - in the rush of the waterfall ©BLMc
Going with the Flow - at the waterfall's edge ©BLMc
The Black Swan Feathers ©BLMc
Going with the Flow - a Babbling Stream ©BLMc